About Lee-Anne

Lee-Anne Peters
Lee-Anne Peters (artist name: L.Willson) is an Australian Independent author, artist and presenter. Among her many creative adventures, Lee-Anne is the founder of the award-winning Temple of Balance - founded on the 25th of February 2005.
She is Author/Creator/ Artist of thirteen printed titles including: Ascension Mastery Series, Healing Energy Cards and one of her latest books: ATLANTIS a return home.
Lee-Anne is a passionate and highly motivated entrepreneur who does her best to live authentically and creatively every day! Lee-Anne is committed to being of service through her art, healing, writings and creations.
Lee-Anne appears daily on her facebook page (Temple of Balance), weekly on her you tube channel (Temple of Balance), regularly on her internet radio show (Temple of Balance Radio). You can connect with Lee-Anne more personally at her various in person events or in her ‘Pillars of Light Membership’.
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