Pendant - SELENITE with amethyst

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*SELENITE with amethyst* - uplifting, cleansing, angellic, spinal / kundalini cleanse, love, heart opening, heart healing, crown opening

handmade - one of a kind

Selenite - Brings clarity to mind, accesses angelic consciousness. Reaches other lives. Creates protective grid. Detaches entities. Assists judgment, insight, shows inner workings. Aligns spinal column, promotes flexibility.

Amethyst: is and extremely powerful and protective stone, with high spiritual vibration. It can help guard against psychic attack, transmuting the energy into love. A natural tranquilizer, amethyst can help block geopathic stress and negative environmental energies. Its serenity can enhance higher states of consciousness and meditation. Amethyst has strong healing and cleansing energies. [source: judy hall, crystal bible]

This pendant was made with a group of pendants inspired by card 11 in my Healing Energy Cards (see pic of card in photos). White, pinky, green and purple colours - Temples, doorways, number 11 and boldness were among my influences from the card 11. These pieces from this collection hold a uprising in personal power and inner strength to step through new doorways and embrace growth.

Individual piece, notes from artist: This piece represents a pillar, a '1' within '11' - the individual, Pillar of Light, bridge between spirit / matter or heaven / earth, the trunk of a tree or the spine. It has great cleansing and flowing energy as the musky pink ribbons weave their way through this piece, around amethyst and pink beads.

Hung on a black or tan or white plaited synthetic leather cord of 3mm with clasp, adjusts to 49cm.

*optional cord options:
- extra 10cm of length (white or black only) - AUD$10
- extra 10cm of length (white or black only) & sterling silver (only suitable if want to wear in water) clasps - AU$20
(please inform us immediately email if you wish to change cord)

H. 9cm x W: 6.5cm x D: 1.5cm

Weight: 51g (rounded to 100g to allow for packing)

For sale price of (plus shipping - see below):
* AU$135 (approx USD$103)

*please note: some reflections, darkness are observed from the photo. some reflections may not be present in person.

Power Pendants Created by Lee-Anne Peters
From Temple of Balance


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