LP Pottery

All earthenware pieces currently featured here are the last of Lee-Anne's low-fire earthenware creations. As part of her rebuilding, Lee-Anne has been inspired to move to high-fire ware - mainly sculptures and jewellery made from porcelain, and functional ware (cups, smudge bowls etc) made from stoneware. This will mean that the pieces will be more durable and made with white clay bodies.

All of Lee-Anne's ceramics are stamped with either: "L.P." - "L.Peters" - or "Temple of Balance - made in Tasmania"

NOTE: On Sat 9 March 2019, Lee-Anne's workshop with her kilns, glazes, glaze recipes and materials burned to the ground. Until she can rebuild and set herself back up again for making ceramics - what you see on this site is mostly all that remains of her last 3.5yrs of pottery work. Your purchases here help go towards Lee-Anne's Ceramic Rebuilding savings. She hopes to be back in action over the next 6-12months. Thank you.

Update on 14 July - Thanks to your purchases and support, Lee-Anne has sourced and purchased a three-phase electric ceramics kiln. It is about 8 cubic feet capacity, compared to Lee-Anne's previous kiln of 2.5 cubic feet. So this means bigger pieces and a larger kiln to fire at the demands of high-fire ware - to approximately 1300*C.

Next Lee-Anne awaits an electrical quote for three-phase power to be supplied and workshop electricity to be fitted. Depending on cost, this may be several months away.

In the meantime, Lee-Anne is getting to know the workings and limits of porcelain and has gathered together a large collection of test pieces all ready to go when electricity is supplied - see some samples of works in progress below.

Below are earthenware pieces previously made - which are for sale. Thank you.