Pillar of Light Membership - 3 months

Learn - Safe space - Stay current with the energy - Relax - Trust in your intuition - Your sacred space - Guidance - Healing Events - Meditations - Self-reflection - Discover personal truth - Much more... these are just some of the things our ongoing members find beneficial about our Pillar of Light Family.
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Started on 2nd April 2014
AU$30 for 3 months membership.
Which exclusively entitles you to:
- Current Energy Reports every Monday - these are in depth, current, supportive and empowering. (sample)
- Healing Video Event - Live video stream - private - monthly - personal guidance available - these are profoundly healing and informative.
- Guided Meditation - with the first Report of the month - private.
- Regular / almost daily support through our private facebook group.
- Online Drumming Circle access - monthly - private - see information
- A Safe space of support, empowerment and friendship.
  • "I have found my dealings with Lee-anne to be excellent. She is brilliant at what she does and has great integrity also. I really can trust her. This has been a big issue in my life, trust, and I can unequivocally say I trust Lee-Anne. The pillar of light family is a unconditional space to just be yourself. In times when I haven't had it together I have put if all down there which is quite freeing. The family is kind and caring." L. Wilcher
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    This is one of the best ways to get as much as possible from our Temple of Balance work! You're becoming a part of a family that contains many current resources, assistance and support!
    Exchange - 3 options:
    MONTHLY / automatic payments - AU$10 per month (HERE)
    QUARTERLY payment of AU$30 (On this page)
    ANNUALLY - contact us for annual payment of AU$110 (Contact)
    Thank you for allowing Temple of Balance to support you further.
    "I joined the Pillar of Light family on 16th of february 2015. I have found the family and Lee-anne Peters to be unconditionally supportive and have made many connections throughout this time. I have grown as a person and am always learning. I am happy to allow this statement to be shared and recommend this group or Temple of Balance to many people." - N. Raps
     "I've been a member since November 2014. I felt I needed guidance and the report snippets from Lee-Anne Peters Temple of Balance page led me to join. I'm glad I did. I like the discussions and while I don't always participate, I still offer non-judgemental support via the like button. I was lucky enough to meet Lee-Anne, Corey and N.Raps at the Aligning with Abundance retreat this year and can honestly say I feel privileged to have made the acquaintance of such genuine, caring people. Joining this group and receiving the twice weekly guidance has enhanced and helped me improve my life on so many levels and I am extremely grateful. Namaste." K. Mitchell
     "Hey Lee-Anne, I think I have been a part of this group for around a year now. I find the attitude of all the people here really accepting and welcoming. Though I might not share a lot myself, I enjoy reading people's posts and seeing other forms of expression like people's artworks, cards of the day, interpretations of signs and synchronicities. It's comforting to always know there is a non judgemental forum where I can always ask for advice, guidance, personal opinions without any fear. It's great to have lots of people's different inputs. I would recommend this group to anybody, no matter who they are or where they come from. Thank you." J.Price
    "I have been a member since June 1st 2015, so 4 months, Before I joined this group l heard about you through my friend Maddie. At the time Lee-Anne was doing weekly guidance on YouTube with her Temple of Balance cards.I think the first one I saw was with her Speed of Light deck. They are favorite by the way. I call them my Truth cards. Anyway, I watched the weekly guidance and it resignated with me. Soon after I found out about Lee-Anne's on-air guidance and listened to it. It is like nothing I have experienced before. I joined the Pillar of Light to access Lee-Anne's personal guidance and while it is truly amazing, the connections I have made with the Pillar of Light member is awe inspiring. I was shy, at first, and kept to myself, but after a while I realized had nothing to lose by being myself. So I opened up and shared. I didn't realize how encouraging an online group could be they helped me in revealing my truest self. and for that I am grateful. Sol thank all of yoU because you are amazing people. You guys truly are Love & Light." C.Miller
    "Wow I have been in this group for over a year and a half. I have learn so much from everyone here. I have been following you Lee-Anne since the end of 2011 and have grown so much since then. I am still growing and I love this family here, I have made great friends. I dont mind you sharing this with anyone. I am proud to be a part of this group and love you all." M.Garcia
    "I have been a member since this past Spring. I was lost and when my aunt introduced me to this group and Lee-Anne I had idea what to think. I was skeptical about guidance and card reading. But the first time Lee-Anne performed a guidance for me she blew me away. I knew becoming a Pillar of Light Family Member was a good decision. In the last few months I have found support, guidance, gotten insight and received lots of positivity from this group. I hope I've shared kindness and light in return. My journey is by no means complete, it is an ever changing and evolving trip. But with this Community I know I'm never alone. I am learning to embrace my gifts and intuition. I am learning to help others in ways I never thought possible.
    Please feel free to use this as you see fit. You give so much to all of us, it would bring me great joy to be of service to you for a change." J. Osorio Artemchuk

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